Social Impact Squared

Social Impact Squared
Social Impact Squared
Business Description:

I’m Paul Bakker.  I’m the operator and principal consultant of Social Impact Squared.

My career goal has always been to improve people’s lives.  Social Impact Squared is my way to best achieve that goal.  If you are providing goods or services to improve people’s lives, I want to partner with you.  You will bring your expertise and the day-to-day challenges of working with your clients to the partnership.  My associates and I will bring our expertise in using social research methods to help you understand, measure, communicate, and improve your social impact.  Our combined efforts will result in social improvements that go beyond the sum of our individual efforts.

I am a highly critical and creative researcher with extensive experience producing actionable results. I will use my expertise to push for methodological rigor, while balancing that rigor with flexibility, practicality, ethics, and innovation.  The end result will provide the confidence you and your stakeholders need to invest in and improve your work.  I also help organizations grow their own abilities to evaluate and improve their work.  There is increasing demand for organizations to prove their impact, but measuring social impact can be complex, time consuming, costly, and competes with other stakeholder demands.  I will work with your organization to understand where you are at in terms of your evaluation capacity, how to take you to the next level, and can provide you with a long-term vision for your evaluation efforts.


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