CES-ON is committed to acknowledging, and working against, systemic barriers and oppression in Ontario, Canada, and the evaluation sector. Please read our statements below.

Statement on the Kamloops Indian Residential School (published June 21, 2021)
CES-ON’s Commitment to Denouncing Racism Against Black and Indigenous Communities,Increasing Diversity and Promoting Inclusion (published December 22, 2020

The Vision, Mission, and Values of CES Ontario were created as part of our 2018-2023 Strategic Planning process.


We are committed to inclusive and collaborative communities of inquiry and practice. We envision a world in which evaluative thinking and evaluation practice empowers individuals and enhances community well- being.



We work to enhance capacity for evaluative thinking and evaluation practice across Ontario. We share knowledge and engage practitioners and users of evaluation by:

  • Partnering and collaborating with individuals, organizations, networks, and communities
  • Creating accessible opportunities for professional development across key learning objectives
  • Supporting excellence in the field by informing public policy and promoting ethical and rigorous evaluation standards and practices
  • Curating, sharing, and embracing diverse ways of knowing and systems of knowledge




We are committed to an integrated set of core values that work in tandem to guide our decisions and inform our planning, processes, and actions:

1. Equity and social justice
We value diversity and are committed to be an organization guided by fair and just principles and practices, as evidenced in our plans, policies, budgets, and processes.

2. Diverse ways of knowing and systems of knowledge
We value collaborative evaluation of knowledge and strive to create synergies across knowledge systems. We seek to co-produce and share knowledge that is inclusive of multiple ways of knowing, including scientific, Indigenous and local knowledge systems, and practitioners’ knowledge.

3. Evidence-informed and ethical decision-making
We act with integrity and utilize the best available evidence to evaluate alternatives and make decisions. We engage in transparent and systematic processes for decision-making that are anchored in our core values, are just, and follow sound ethical principles.

4. Continuous Quality Improvement
We are vigilant to opportunities for improvement, continuously integrating systematic and data-guided changes toward enhanced outcomes and capacity.

5. Innovation
We are committed to being leaders in and advocates for evaluation; locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. We seek to foster a local environment for users and practitioners of evaluation that embraces positive change, creativity, and continuous improvement. We strive to integrate systems of knowledge towards enhanced capacity for individual and community outcomes.



Strategic Directions

Strategic Direction I: CES-ON facilitates increased access to relevant services and supports for evaluation learners, practitioners, researchers, and users across Ontario

Strategic Direction II: CES-ON engages with key stakeholders* to strengthen the culture of evaluation and promote the value of evaluative thinking for enhanced public benefit

Strategic Direction III: CES-ON will strengthen internal organizational capacity to support our Mission & Vision

* Stakeholders include evaluation learners, practitioners, researchers, and users of evaluation knowledge