CES Ontario runs on volunteer power. Volunteers do everything from planning events and professional activities, to preparing the annual budget. They even pick up the cheese plates for our networking events.

The end results? CES Ontario delivers top-tier training and networking opportunities to over 400 members. We’re a professional society that welcomes and encourages new practitioners. We aim to promote evaluation as an important and growing profession.

Our volunteers represent every sector and every level of experience. They’re part of the five million Ontario residents who volunteer their time to causes they believe in. They’re in good company. Volunteering has increased dramatically in the last decade—from 2004 to 2013, the percentage of people with university degrees who volunteer jumped from 4% to 39%.

CES Ontario is always looking for people who want to help. We want writers, critical thinkers, financial gurus, students, organizational wizards. We want people who can commit their time, energy, and passion to seeing evaluation grow. If you are interested in becoming a CES-ON volunteer, please take a moment to review our committees, take our online skills survey, or email admin@evaluationontario.ca.