Are you part of an organization that would benefit from evaluation training? We work with top facilitators and instructors to present specialized topics for the practice and understanding of evaluation, and want to bring our professional development to you. Our foundational training is the Essential Skills Series, which covers the basics of evaluation and provides tangible benefits to professionals working in program evaluation in any sector. While we offer public trainings several times per year, we are also pleased to offer the Essential Skills Series as a private delivery for organizations, agencies, and departments.

In a private deliver, we are happy to tailor your delivery to your needs, including adjusting delivery times, or providing tailored content that is relevant to your sector or industry.

The Details:

  • The cost is $1150+HST per participant.
  • A private delivery of the e-Essential Skills Series requires a minimum of 12 participants.

If you are interested in learning more about a private e-ESS training for your organization, please email us at