CES National

CES National is a Canada-wide, non-profit, bilingual association dedicated to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice. CES has 11 regional chapters across Canada and over 1900 members. Our members come from all levels of government, and the private, educational and non-profit sectors. CES Ontario is a chapter of CES National.


Evaluation Cafe Ontario is for informal networking and knowledge sharing events for Evaluators and those interested in evaluation within Ontario. It’s a chance to meet new people, share ideas, and build a sense of community among evaluators. Currently, we have two communities organizing local events:

• Evaluation Cafe Toronto

• Waterloo Wellington Evaluation Cafe

Information about all events can be found on the Evaluation Cafe Ontario Meetup page. Anyone who is interested in the field of evaluation is welcome to attend any of the events.

Evaluation Cafe is community driven, and works by members coming forward to share learnings and best practice or organize/facilitate discussions on issues/challenges/solutions. If you’d like to share or discuss something with our evaluation community, let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

The Ontario Chapter of Canadian Evaluation Society sponsors the meet-ups by providing funds for this Meetup subscription and for some snacks/space fees. Events will primarily be in-person, but are currently all online during COVID.

The Common Approach

The Common Approach is an initiative that is working toward better impact measurement through the establishment and development of a flexible framework for impact measurement in Canada. The Common Approach encompasses four standards that are community-driven. These four standards are: 1. The Common Framework of flexible social and environmental indicators; 2. the Common Form of common core organizational and financial information asked by funders; 3. The Common Impact Data Standard that makes it easier to exchange and analyze impact data; and 4. the Common Foundations which are the five essential practices of impact measurement.

The Common Foundations are five essential practices of impact measurement which are a minimum standard for impact measurement in Canada. These five essential practices are: 1. Plan your intended change; 2. Use performance measures; 3. Collect useful information; 4. Gauge performance and impact; and 5. Report on results. These five essential practices are common to most impact measurement tools and framework and are based on a global consensus of essential practices for impact measurement.

Common Foundations resources include:
1. The official document explaining the five essential practices (also available in French)
2. The self-assessment (to assess to what extent an organization is implementing these practices)
3. Free introductory video series

Other resources that might be of interest:

The Common Impact Data Standard explainer document. This document explains the data standard and its usefulness for impact data.