CES Membership has its benefits!

Take a look at the many cost-savings and benefits for CES members.

In addition to the job-board and discounts on professional development webinars and conference fees, CES has a number of business discount programs that can be used by CES Members, Chapters and Committees:

  • CES Ontario members receive 25% off general admission prices for all Professional Development training. Student and New Practitioner members are entitled to further discounts, up to 50%.
  • 10% reduction on Provalis Research products for quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Save up to 20% on print, copy and design services with Staples Copy & Print Business Discount Program
  • Corporate rates on car rentals with National and Enterprise
  • Discounted travel on Via Rail
Membership Type

Individual Member


New Practitioner

Senior (60+) Member



Annual Membership Fees







Please note that HST (13%) is payable on all membership fees. Please see Become a Member for more information.

All CES Ontario members have access to the following member benefits:

Knowledge and Learning

  • Professional development events and training opportunities, including Essential Skills Series
  • Access to a national community of evaluators
  • Member-only webinars and learning events
  • Subscription to the internationally recognized Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation (CJPE)
  • Access to CES e-library including full text of CJPE articles
  • Free access to Evaluation Sourcebooks and discounts on other books on evaluation standards
  • CES and CES Ontario e-Newsletters, Annual Reports & Sage Publications


  • e-Notification of contract and employment opportunities
  • Free listing in our Consultant Directory


  • Reduced rates for all CES & CES-ON events (Professional Development, Conferences and Chapter Events)
  • Reduced rate American Evaluation Association (AEA) & the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) membership
  • Discounted Association-Based Professional Liability Insurance
  • Discounts on Sage publications

Have ideas for other benefits for CES members? Please contact CES National.