CES Membership has its benefits!

Take a look at the many cost-savings and benefits for CES members.

In addition to the job-board and discounts on professional development webinars and conference fees, CES has a number of business discount programs which we hope to keep active through usage by CES Members, Chapters and Committees:

  • CES Ontario members receive 25% off general admission prices for all Professional Development training. Student and New Practitioner members are entitled to further discounts, up to 50%.
  • 10% reduction on Provalis Research products for quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Save up to 20% on print, copy and design services with Staples Copy & Print Business Discount Program
  • Discounted group Home and Auto Insurance with TD Insurance Affinity Meloche Monnex
  • Discounted Association-Based Professional Liability (aka Errors & Omissions) as well as General Corporate Liability Insurance Hub International
  • Corporate rates on car rentals with National and Enterprise

Some feedback from members:

“I have just purchased car insurance with TD under the CES package. Same cars as last year, and same coverage = $846 instead of $1,600! And we saved about $1,500 on the house+cottage insurance!”

“I saved about 20% lower than the next cheapest car rental option using CES’ member code for National Car rental; best to compare each time to be sure.”

“My insurance broker confirmed that there is no way they could beat the Hub package for CES’ professional liability (E&O) and general corporate insurance!”



Membership Type

Individual Member


New Practitioner

Senior (60+) Member



Annual Membership Fees







Please note that HST (13%) is payable on all membership fees. Please see Become a Member for more information.

All CES Ontario members have access to the following member benefits:

Knowledge and Learning

  • Access to an international community of evaluators
  • Professional development events and training opportunities, including Essential Skills Series
  • Subscription to the internationally recognized Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation (CJPE)
  • Access to CES e-library including full text of CJPE articles
  • Free access to Evaluation Sourcebooks and discounts on other books on evaluation standards
  • CES and CES Ontario e-Newsletters, Annual Reports & Sage Publications


  • e-Notification of contract and employment opportunities
  • Free listing in our Consultant Directory


  • Reduced rates for all CES & CES-ON events (Professional Development, Conferences and Chapter Events)
  • Reduced rate American Evaluation Association (AEA) & the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) membership
  • Discounted Association-Based Professional Liability Insurance
  • Discounts on Sage publications
  • One-Car-Class Upgrade at National Car Rental

How to access CES benefits packages

  1. Log on to the Members Only area of the CES website
  2. Click on How Members Save or go straight to Instructions on Using Benefit Plans
  3. Click on the links to access CES user codes or be redirected to the CES-loyalty website

Have ideas for other benefits for CES members? Please contact CES National.