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Welcome to the New CES Ontario Blog!

The CES Ontario Chapter is a thriving community of over 350 program evaluators committed to inclusive and collaborative inquiry and practice. We offer opportunities for foundational and advanced professional development, skill building and networking. We are committed to equity and anti-oppression.

We are committed to inclusive and collaborative communities of inquiry and practice. We envision a world in which evaluative thinking and evaluation practice empowers individuals and enhances community well- being. That is our vision. And we hope through this blog to engage with evaluators and start conversations on key areas of interest that impact the field of evaluation.

We are launching this blog on our website to share information about CES Ontario services – mentorship, networking events, evaluation workshops, conferences, and much more.

At CES Ontario, we are excited about this opportunity, and we have an exciting line-up of articles in the coming months on our mentorship program for evaluators looking to complete their Credentialed Evaluator designation, our upcoming conference in October, and our professional development activities for the year ahead.

This is one channel that we will use to enhance the way we engage with our evaluation community and partners, you should also check out our social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter. We will use those to connect with evaluators across Ontario and beyond, to foster collaboration, engagement, and networking for evaluation communities of practice and to share information about CES Ontario activities.

And stay tuned for regular blog content on our website!