Research and Evaluation Consulting
Business Description

Research and Evaluation Consulting (RaECon) was established to meet the growing and diverse needs of organizations for high-quality research and evaluation services. The scope of our work ranges from Program Development and Evaluation to Organization Development and Applied Educational Research.

Much of our work in the public sector is in Program Evaluation, and much of our work in the corporate and non-profit sectors is in Organization Development, including credentialing/testing program development and evaluation. We work with a wide range of clientele from Provincial Government Ministries to Institutes of Higher Learning to National and Provincial Professional Credentialing Organizations.

Projects are managed and led by the Principal Consultant, Dr. A. Sidiq (Sid) Ali, and are resourced by the Principal and a team of highly qualified associate consultants. Dr. Ali is a CES Credentialed Evaluator with psychometric training and uses these skill sets to bring about uncompromised levels of client satisfaction.

905-916-0743 (office) | 647-618-0764 (Dr. Ali Direct)

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