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The Inclusivity Institute for Better Data (IIBD)
Business Description

At IIBD, our core values of inclusiveness, objectivity, impact, and responsibility guide every aspect of our work. We strive to bridge the gap between communities and organizations by providing objective, evidence-based research and recommendations that put the needs of communities first. IIBD offers a range of services tailored to support organizations, governments, and communities in their pursuit of equity and inclusion. These services include:

Research and Evaluation: We conduct impartial research and evaluation studies to provide evidence-based insights and recommendations.
Storytelling: Our expertise lies in transforming complex data into compelling narratives to effectively communicate messages and engage diverse audiences.
Data Analysis: Our team applies statistical methods and cutting-edge tools to extract meaningful insights from large datasets.
Strategic Planning: We collaborate with organizations to develop strategic plans that prioritize equity and inclusion.
Diversity Consulting: We provide guidance and support in creating inclusive workplaces and fostering diversity through training, policy development, and workshops.
Data Collection and Visualization: We specialize in collecting comprehensive data on marginalized communities and transforming it into clear and visually appealing visualizations.

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North York, Ontario

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