UPDATE: CES National approved a pilot of the New Practitioner category in November 2015. The pilot will be available for new Ontario Chapter members sometime in late 2016. Please check back for more information, or contact CES National about when this category will be available.

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Policy Statement: New Practitioner Category

Developed the CES Ontario Chapter, and submitted to CES National in June 2014.

One of our objectives in Ontario is to increase CES membership by attracting a new cohort of evaluators who are in the discovery stages of their career. Creating a New Practitioner membership category gives students and recent graduates who are entering the field an opportunity to engage actively for 2 years in a network designed to facilitate entry into the evaluation community and to build evaluation competence.

The new category reflects CES Ontario’s commitment to supporting individuals who enter evaluation as a profession, which is consistent with the long-term vision of professionalization and credentialing.

The New Practitioner category provides a significantly reduced membership rate for two years, reflecting our understanding of what is affordable to new professionals who are entering the job-market. Additional supports are available to New Practitioners such as orientation to evaluation, networking and training. This new category also more clearly defines the need for CES Ontario to develop new strategies that could better identify and support new practitioners.

Proposed New Practitioner Category

1.1. Eligibility: To qualify as a New Practitioner the member must demonstrate one or more of the following:

1.1.1. Program completion or graduation from a college/university program within one year of intended registration as New Practitioner; or

1.1.2. Registration in the CES-ON Student category the prior year.

 1.2. Duration: The status of New Practitioners will be valid for 2 years from the date of verified registration in the New Practitioner category.  After 2 years the member will be invited to renew their registration under one of the other membership categories.

1.3. Renewal: At the end of two years a member registered in the New Practitioner category will not be entitled to join again in this category.

1.4. Fees: The fees for registration in the New Practitioner category will be $90, or a fee substantially lower than the full membership fee at the time of the launch. Fees are subject to change, but the intent is that New Practitioner category will be reduced fee from general membership.

1.5. Services: Members in the New Practitioner category are entitled to:

  • A virtual environment to help make connections using Linked-In;
  • Opportunity to dialogue with and raise questions about jobs, careers, issues, gaps, methods, practices and challenges in the field;
  • Special topics of interest to new practitioners (e.g. how to get into the field, what every new evaluator needs to know);
  • Participate in guest speaker presentations, webinars, and discussion forums.
  • Receive the benefit of reduced membership and conference registration fees;
  • Access to the Canadian Evaluation Society journal (similar to full members);
  • Other  benefits that are listed on the membership section of our website.