Designing Interactive Dashboards Using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

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Designing Interactive Dashboards Using Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets
Facilitators: Shelley Engelman and Tom Withee

Creating dynamic dashboards in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets is a fantastic and cost-effective way to view important data with minimal construction time. This workshop takes you through all you need to know to design interactive dashboards from start to finish. This skill-building workshop will demonstrate how to generate an interactive dashboard in 5 easy-to-learn steps: Pivot, Analyze, Rename, Chart, and Slice. Using sample survey data, you will learn how to a) use a Pivot table to analyze data, b) create a chart using PivotCharts, c) incorporate Slicers and d) create a professional looking dashboard that allows stakeholders to slice-and-dice the data in seconds. Additionally, we will share best practices in dashboard design to make your dashboards really pop! Finally, we will demonstrate how to incorporate inferential statistics (e.g., paired samples t-test) into your dashboards that will update as you slice-and-dice your data. After attending the workshop, you will be equipped with clear steps that you can immediately implement to create stunning dashboards that are dynamic and easy to reproduce.

This skill-building workshop is aligned to the following CES competencies:

  • 1.1- This workshop explores new thinking and practices related to interactive dashboards;
  • 2.8- This workshop will give participants accessible tools and process to help them interpret and present their data;
  • 2.10- By allowing evaluators and stakeholders the ability to interact with data, interactive dashboards promote complete and balanced evaluation reporting to support decision-making; and,
  • 3.4- Interactive dashboards are an efficient way for evaluators and stakeholders to understand results in real-time.

Evaluation learners and those interested in evaluation digital tools can benefit from this learning experience. Learners will need access to their own Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet to fully engage with the content of this workshop as well as a passion for learning new ways of mobilizing data for knowledge sharing.

Past Sessions:

  • October 4 and 6, 2021