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About This Workshop:
In this intermediate level course, participants will advance their logicmodel and performance measurement skills. In the logic model portion of the course, participants will develop a complex logic model, role play explaining it to evaluation clients, and respond to questions/critiques. In the performance measurement portion of the course, participants will develop indicators, critique an existing set of indicators, debate the pros and cons of various performance measurement approaches, and determine the best approaches based on a set of scenarios.

Key Learnings:
This workshop aims to strengthen capacities in line with the following Competencies for Canadian Evaluation Practice:

Technical practice

  • Clarifies the program theory
  • Identifies data requirements, sources, sampling and data collection tool

Interpersonal practice

  • Uses communication strategies appropriate to the cultural, linguistic, social and political context
  • Demonstrates effective, appropriate and respectful verbal and non-verbal communication skills

About the Facilitator:
Sandy Moir, MBA, CE, FCMC, CMP – a Partner at Goss Gilroy Managment Consultants Inc (CGI), Sandy has almost 30 years of experience in evaluation and performance measurement. Sandy conducts work in all sectors, from employment to small business, from science to culture. Sandy has an MBA and is a Fellow Certified Management Consultant (CMC-Canada), a Certified Change Management Professional (Prosci) and Credentialed Evaluator (CES). Sandy is committed to lifelong learning and excels at group facilitation. She is also a seasoned presenter and routinely presents at CES conferences, PPX symposia and CMC-Canada events. She has designed and delivered training on evaluation and performance measurement, evaluation and change management, evaluation and complex transformations, and the development of online learning tools for result-based management to various government and not-for-profit organizations over her career. Sandy has also delivered the CES ESS training several times over the years