Rapid Impact Evaluation
Facilitator: Andy Rowe

First time introductory offer at a one-time membership rate, CES-ON is pleased and privileged to have worked with Andy Rowe to provide a hands-on introduction professional development opportunity – Rapid Impact Evaluation.

Rapid Impact Evaluation offers the ability to evaluate the impacts of a program using developmental and formative evaluation as well as summative. RIE triangulates perspectives of three separate groups of experts. Three methodologies that are central to RIE will provide learners with an understanding to apply RIE. RIE is a cost-efficient and quick approach to assessing impacts and does not intrude on design or implementation of the program. Evaluation learners will benefit when they add RIE to their toolbox of evaluation methods.

Participants will have virtual hands-on interactive learning opportunities across multiple sessions that are comprised of three 3-hour learning modules and optional two 2-hour learning labs and one final session for questions and discussions about applications. The labs will offer the opportunity to applying the method using real-world cases using RIE methods learned in the modules. Professionals who participate in RIE will:

  • Develop an understanding of principles of RIE and the methods specific to RIE and CE designation credentials.

Evaluation learners and those interested in evaluation methods can benefit from this learning opportunity on a leading example of the trend towards more nimble evaluation methods. No prerequisite of skills/knowledge are needed to fully engage in this learning opportunity except your passion for evaluation.


Workshop Schedule

Workshop Modules: 12 Hours of Interactive Instructional Learning

  • Monday October 18th, 1-4 pm EST
  • Friday October 22nd , 1-4 pm EST
  • Wednesday October 27th, 1-4 pm EST

Optional Learning Labs: 6 Hours of Interactive Co-Learning

  • Wednesday October 20th, 1-3 pm EST
  • Monday October 25th , 1-3 pm EST
  • Friday October 29th , 1-3 pm EST

About Andy Rowe

CES Fellow and Award Winner for Contributions to Evaluation in Canada

“Over the past 30 years, Andy Rowe has been actively involved in the field of program evaluation, both as a tireless advocate for the function of evaluation, and as a significant contributor to the advancement of evaluation theory and practice

Through numerous publications, lectures and presentations, Andy has challenged evaluators in Canada and abroad to explore new approaches that could better accommodate the need for timely and relevant information on program results. His work on Rapid Impact Evaluation (RIE), the Scenario-Based Counterfactual, and Metric for Forecasting Impacts are some of the innovative approaches that Andy has been developing and promoting. Andy also stands as a predominant evaluator engaged in the fields of environment and sustainable development, through multiple assignments in Canada and abroad. He has championed evaluation strategies that place sustainability at the very heart of evaluation’s core mission and mandate and is a founding member of Footprint Evaluation.”

Andy Rowe has a PhD from the London School of Economics, is former President of CES, a CES Fellow and was the founding Chair of the Newfoundland Chapter of CES. He has also served on several Task Forces of the American Evaluation Association. He has engaged in evaluation globally and his current work includes as a member of the Technical Evaluation Reference Group of the Adaptation Fund, evaluation of smallholder farmer climate adaptation with the International Fund for Agricultural Development and his work with Footprint Evaluation hosted by Better Evaluation and funded by the Global Evaluation Initiative.

Past Sessions:

  • October 18-29, 2021