The Evaluation Today and Future Opportunities panel session will be held from 9:40 AM—11:20 AM on Tuesday May 11, 2021. Speaker bios can be found here; additional panelists may be added.

Our opening session addresses the state of evaluation today, exploring trends, concerns, and opportunities for change. Panelists will represent perspectives from the Ontario Government, non-profits and non-profit funders, Indigenous communities, and equity-seeking groups.

Interactive participation and engagement will be welcomed through small group reflection and Q&A sessions.


Isabel Cascante, Director, Research, Public Policy and Evaluation, United Way of Greater Toronto.

Gillian Kerr, Organizational Psychologist at Logical Outcomes and system architect for the SIS evaluation platform which has been adopted by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Dr.Keiko Kuji-Shikatani, OCT, C.E. Education Officer, Insight and Analysis Unit, Ministry of Education.

Varsha Naik, Executive Director, Regional Diversity Roundtable of Peel (RDR).

Micaella Rich, Basketball Operations Manager, and Chris Penrose, Program Director, Lay-Up Youth Basketball


Donna Howard, Founder/Creator, Mobytes