Slide Building Better Evaluation October 26, 2023 Increasing Diversity & Promoting Inclusion Virtual Conference

Session Information

We are pleased to present the full listing for Building Better Evaluation: Connecting Ontario, our one-day virtual conference on May 11, 2021. Please click on the session name for more information. A full list of the day’s speakers and presenters is here.

The CES-ON Annual General Meeting is free to all CES members and the general public. Tickets are available here.

Session List – May 11, 2021

The CES-ON Virtual Conference will include a number of breaks throughout the day.

8:30 –9:30 am: Virtual Breakfast/Coffee Networking

9:30 –9:40 am: Conference Welcome

8:30 –9:30 am: Virtual Breakfast/Coffee Networking

11:45 am –1:00 pm: CES Ontario’s 25th Annual General Meeting

1:15–2:15pm: Methods Masterclass (Concurrent sessions)

2:30 –3:15 pm: Communities of Practice (Concurrent sessions)

3:25–4:05pm: Communities of Practice Networking (Concurrent sessions)

4:15–4:55 pm: Advancing Evaluation: Innovation in Practice (Concurrent sessions)

4:55–5:00 pm: Closing Remarks